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Our Goal:
We do not scrap Products.

An important point in the sustainability of our products is to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with their purchases - and if this is not the case, we strive to fix it.



Dealing with returns is a challenge for any manufacturer, and it's something we've made a commitment to tackle. Reducing returns overall, reusing products e.g. for service and reselling as B-goods and disposing as little of it as possible. We have also invested in services that help our customers keep and use the items they have purchased.

We have also invested in services that help our customers keep and use the items they have purchased.

These include, for example, comprehensive technical support and help pages.

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Digitization is the key to paperless work and more sustainability in the office.

Thanks to digital order processing, claim handling management and optimization in processes and logistics, we have increased our general process quality.

This does not only lead to considerable savings, but also offers the opportunities to conserve our resources and ensure greater sustainability at the same time.

Grow My Tree


With the purchase of an ODYS e-scooter we plant a tree for you, for the benefit of our future and our environment. You don't have to do anything else, because for every Odys e-scooter sold, we automatically ensure in cooperation with grow my tree that a tree is planted.

More than just a tree
With the project we support not only the ecological but also the social future of many people on our planet

At ODYS, we are on a mission to fight climate change by planting a tree for every ODYS e-scooter sold, together with our official climate partner GROW MY TREE. We believe that companies are important players in the fight against climate change and can make a big contribution to a more sustainable future. That's why we want to take responsibility and reduce our CO2 emissions together with GROW MY TREE. Our goal is to create environmental awareness and invest together to save our planet.

How does tree planting work?
Our partner GROW MY TREE works with local operators in countries of the Global South to plant trees where the environmental, social and economic leverage is greatest - all planting is fair, sustainable and certified.

When is a tree planted?
Together with our partner GROW MY TREE, we plant one tree in the Global South for every ODYS e-scooter sold.

Why plant trees?
Each tree can absorb ~22kg of CO2 per year. Year after year, to fight climate change. We want to motivate our customers to neutralize their CO2 emissions by planting trees.

Do I get a certificate for my purchase?
Feel free to contact us via the contact form and we will send you your personal certificate.

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It is a matter truly dear to the heart to care of our environment.

Since the end of 2010 we cover our energy needs through our own photovoltaic system. Investing in renewable energy is a win-win solution, for our society, for our customers, for our company and for our planet.

We are contributing to pave the way for a climate-neutral future. 

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